Orbital Fracture Surgery

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Eye injuries can prove quite common, occurring from trauma through accidents, sports injuries, and more. Though almost always unexpected, they can often be treated by the right specialist.
Dr. Peck provides orbital fracture surgery in Idaho Falls to help patients overcome a wide range of injuries to their eye socket area. To learn more, we encourage patients to call our office or use our online form to set up their personal consultation and evaluation with Dr. Peck, a leading oculofacial specialist.
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What Are Orbital Fractures?

Orbital fractures are a type of facial fracture that involves the bones around the eyes (the orbital area). These injuries can cause a range of concerns in patients, from problems with vision to pain and discomfort. Orbital fractures often result from blunt or penetrating trauma to the face, such as an automobile accident or a physical altercation, though sports injuries are also quite common. The most common symptoms of orbital fractures are double vision, asymmetrical pupil size, limited range of motion in the eyes, and a sunken appearance to the eyes.


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Risks of Orbital Fractures

Orbital fractures can cause serious complications, including vision loss or damage to the nerves that control eye movements. Other risks associated with untreated orbital fractures include infection, nerve damage, and even permanent deformity of the face. To avoid these symptoms and risks, we recommend seeing a specialist like Dr. Peck as soon as an injury occurs to receive a full evaluation and treatment plan.

How Are Orbital Fractures Treated?

Dr. Peck is an experienced oculofacial surgeon who specializes in orbital fracture surgery in Idaho Falls, along with a range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. She is experienced in treating all types of orbital fractures, from minor to severe cases, helping patients protect their health and vision.
Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, Dr. Peck may perform either open or closed reduction surgery. During open reduction surgery, she will make small incisions around the eye socket to access the fracture site directly. In closed reduction surgery, Dr. Peck will use specialized instruments to realign the bones without making any incisions.

What Is Sunken Eye Surgery Like?

Sunken eye surgery is a type of orbital fracture surgery that helps restore the natural appearance of the face. It involves reshaping and restoring the bones around the eye socket to correct any sunken or misshapen features caused by injury while also preventing painful or risky symptoms. Dr. Peck has extensive experience performing this delicate procedure, ensuring successful outcomes for her patients for both their health and appearance.
The procedure typically can last anywhere from a single hour to several hours, depending on the extent of reconstruction and repair required. For this entire time, the patient will be comfortable, having received anesthesia to ensure a pain-free surgical experience. After the procedure, patients will typically be free to return home the same day but may need a short hospital stay for more intensive cases.
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Is There a Recovery Period?

Yes, after orbital fracture surgery, there is typically a recovery period of several weeks or months, depending on the severity of your injury. During this time, you should take special care to follow Dr. Peck’s post-operative instructions and attend any scheduled follow-up appointments. This will help ensure that your recovery progresses smoothly and properly, seeing an optimal outcome from your procedure. You can also call our office with any questions or concerns, and our team will gladly be of assistance.

What Are the Results of Sunken Eye Surgery?

The results of sunken eye surgery are typically natural and long-lasting, with many patients noticing an immediate improvement in their appearance and a reduction in symptoms. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may also experience improved vision or reduced pain and discomfort in the area. However, patients will only see their final cosmetic-related results once all swelling has gone down. This typically takes about a month or more, varying from case to case.

Is Orbital Fracture Surgery the Right Choice for Me?

The best way to determine if orbital fracture surgery is the right choice for you is to consult with a qualified and experienced oculofacial surgeon. During your consultation, Dr. Peck will thoroughly evaluate your injury and discuss any risks or potential complications associated with the procedure. She will then recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for your individual needs, ensuring you receive precisely the care you need.

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