Orbital Tumor Surgery

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Tumors can grow anywhere on the body, and generally they require treatment sooner rather than later. Orbital tumors affect the eye area, putting both overall eye health and one’s vision at risk if not addressed. That is why Dr. Peck is proud to provide effective, professional orbital tumor surgery in Idaho Falls to provide patients relief from this condition. Call our office or use our online form to receive more information and come in for a visit and consultation.

What Are Orbital Tumors?

Orbital tumors are abnormal growths found inside the eye socket, which is termed the orbital area. They can occur in both adults and children of any age and vary in size, shape, and severity. Orbital tumors can cause damage to the surrounding tissue and restrict movement of the eye if not treated properly. In some cases, they can even threaten one’s vision, which makes it important to have a professional evaluate your situation sooner rather than later. However, modern medical techniques exist that can effectively remove an eye socket tumor while preserving the eye’s health and function in most cases.
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How Are Orbital Tumors Treated?

At our Idaho Falls clinic, patients can receive treatment for orbital tumors through a precise surgical operation in which the tumor is removed. Dr. Peck is a highly experienced oculofacial surgeon who specializes in orbital tumor surgeries along with soft tissue reconstruction. With her expertise, she can remove the affected tissue safely and effectively, reducing the risk of complications or further damage to the eye socket. Additionally, she takes steps to preserve the eye socket area’s appearance as much as possible, protecting how it looks.


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What Is Eye Socket Surgery Like?

Eye socket surgery is an outpatient procedure that requires the patient to be under general anesthesia in most cases. During the operation, Dr. Peck will make small incisions in the tissue and then remove any abnormal growths from inside the eye socket. Depending on the location of the tumor, she may also use special tools such as lasers or microscopic instruments to ensure that the tumor tissue is completely removed and can no longer pose a risk. While each procedure has some variation, Dr. Peck can provide you with a more concrete outline after evaluating your situation. You will never be in the dark about any aspect of a procedure when working with Dr. Peck.

Is There a Recovery Period?

After the surgery, patients will need to take things slow and follow their surgeon’s instructions. This includes taking medications such as antibiotics, using eye drops, or avoiding activities that could jar or irritate the eye. Patients should also attend regular follow-up appointments with Dr. Peck in order to monitor the progress of the recovery process. Dr. Peck and her staff are also here for you following your procedure, ready to provide any additional information or answer questions as needed.

What Are the Results of Orbital Tumor Surgery?

Orbital tumor surgery by Dr. Peck can provide long-term relief from orbital tumors and the risk of further complications. Patients should expect to see a significant improvement in their vision, as well as enhanced movement of the affected eye. With her expertise in eye socket surgeries, patients can trust that their treatment will have a high rate of being both successful and safe. Results can vary still, but Dr. Peck will provide you with an outline of what results you should be able to expect before you commit to the procedure.
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Can an Orbital Tumor Come Back?

Although orbital tumor surgery can successfully remove tumors, there is a chance of recurrence, which depends on individual risk factors. Follow-up appointments and regular monitoring are important in order to identify any return of the tumor quickly and address it accordingly. Ideally, if there is a recurrence, you can treat it well before it presents as a problem.

Is Eye Socket Surgery the Right Choice for Me?

Dr. Peck can prove the ideal doctor for any orbital tumor surgery in Idaho Falls and Rexburg. Taking into account your specific needs, she can discuss all available options and outline a personalized treatment plan that will best suit you and give you the results you’re looking for. We strongly recommend against putting off receiving treatment for an orbital tumor. The longer one waits, the greater the risk to vision and health can become as the tumor grows. If you’re interested in learning more about orbital tumor surgery from Dr. Peck, we look forward to seeing you for a personal consultation.

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