Eyelid Skin Cancer Surgery

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Skin cancer can affect nearly any part of the skin, and the eyelids are no exception. While there are a range of causes and risk factors that can lead to this condition, the right specialist can restore both your health and appearance.
With professional eyelid skin cancer surgery in Idaho Falls by Dr. Peck, you can treat this condition with the help of a medical expert. Contact our office today by calling or using our online form to learn more and start with your personal consultation.
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What Is Eyelid Skin Cancer?

Eyelid skin cancer refers to cancerous tumors that develop on the eyelid. Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are common forms of eyelid skin cancer. Left untreated, these growths can become disfiguring or spread to other areas, posing additional risks to health and appearance. For the majority of patients, treatment proves the crucial path forward to prevent vision loss or other complications. Early detection and surgical removal offer the best results, both in terms of your health and how you can preserve your appearance.


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How Is Eyelid Skin Cancer Treated?

The most common treatment that Dr. Peck provides in Idaho Falls for eyelid skin cancer is surgical excision. During this outpatient procedure, Dr. Peck removes the cancerous cells along with a small margin of healthy tissue to help ensure all cancerous cells are removed. For minor tumors, this may result in minimal scarring and a change in appearance. More advanced cases may require reconstructive techniques to restore the eyelid, while radiation therapy or other treatments may be recommended in some cases. During your consultation, Dr. Peck will explore your treatment options, prescribing the best option for your individual case.

What Is Eyelid Skin Cancer Surgery Like?

The specific techniques used will depend on the size, location, and stage of your eyelid skin cancer. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia to keep the patient comfortable, ensuring no pain is experienced at any point in the procedure. Dr. Peck will make small incisions to access and remove the tumor and any affected tissue around it. She will then use meticulous surgical techniques to close the incision, minimizing scarring and any risk of complications. The entire process typically takes around an hour, but this varies and may be longer or shorter, depending on your situation. You can then return home the same day as your procedure to begin your recovery.

Is There a Recovery Period?

A recovery period is required after eyelid skin cancer surgery, but it often is mostly brief. Dr. Peck will provide you with detailed instructions to properly care for your incision site as it heals, facilitating better results and lower risk of infection. You may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort for up to two weeks, but this should gradually fade during this time. An eye patch and medications can help promote healing and reduce pain, and are prescribed according to the patient’s individual situation. While recovery varies, most patients are able to return to light activities within a week, sometimes sooner for more mild cases of eyelid skin cancer. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your recovery and long-term results, especially in more severe cases.
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What Are the Results?

With professional eyelid skin cancer surgery, Dr. Peck can remove the cancerous cells while preserving as much of the natural eyelid structure and appearance as possible. The vast majority of patients are able to have Dr. Peck eliminate their cancer, going on to also enjoy excellent cosmetic results, as well as restored eyelid function. By treating the cancer early, the risk of it spreading or recurring is minimized. Yearly skin exams are recommended to monitor for any new skin changes or growths, allowing for early detection and treatment of any future skin cancer.

Can Skin Cancer Come Back?

There is always a possibility of eyelid skin cancer recurring or new skin cancers developing in the time after your surgery. Dr. Peck will provide recommendations to help reduce your risks, such as protecting your eyelids from UV light exposure, performing regular self-exams, and scheduling annual skin checks with your doctor. By taking steps to protect your eyelid skin health and monitoring for any suspicious changes, the chances of successful treatment are increased if any new or recurring skin cancer is detected early. Please contact our office if you notice any new eyelid lesions or skin changes so Dr. Peck can examine your eyelids and determine the best course of treatment.

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