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Top Risk Factors for Droopy Eyelids

Have you noticed a change in your appearance when you look in the mirror lately? Perhaps you have dark circles under your eyes, or your eyelids are drooping so low that they are covering parts of your eyes. These major skin changes can happen for a variety of reasons, including aging and injury. No matter … Read more

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How Aging Affects Eyelids

Have you experienced heightened stress or fatigue lately? Those pesky dark circles under your eyes might have begun to make an appearance as a result of age, stress, or even something else. These under-eye shadows and bags are frequent indicators of the aging process, which may cause you to have a sudden dip in self-esteem. … Read more

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Why Do I Have Permanent Dark Circles: Lasting Causes

Dark circles are an irritating and uncomely aesthetic feature that can lower one’s self esteem and appraisal in society. While not a medical problem, most people would rather do without them. Unfortunately, some people experience these bags to the point that they become chronic and semi-permanent. In these situations, it’s good to be able to … Read more

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Brow Lift Preparation Guide

A brow lift has the potential to give a patient’s appearance a major improvement. It works by tightening and beautifying the upper section of the face. It’s why it’s one of the more popular operations at our center for eyelid surgery in Idaho Falls. Like most serious surgeries, a brow lift takes a measure of … Read more