Signs You Would Benefit from Eyelid Surgery

Are you thinking about getting eyelid surgery in Idaho Falls? At the office of Dr. Cutler Peck, we treat patients with a unique combination of physical and aesthetic needs. Most of these needs center around the complex skin and muscles that make up the eyelids. Whether you are tired of looking tired from wrinkled upper lids, or you want to get rid of that puffy look under your eyes, here are some signs you would benefit from eyelid surgery greatly.

Signs You Would Benefit from Eyelid Surgery

Your Upper Eyelids Are Aging

The signs of aging tend to show up when we least expect them. Have you ever noticed that your eyelids typically get wrinkly before any other part of your skin does? This is because the eyelids are thin and very complex, with small muscles and nerves connecting them in many ways. Your eyelids serve an important function, but they can get tired as the years go on.

Your upper eyelids also take the brunt of the elements, protecting your eyes from any kind of damage. It makes sense that you have wrinkled or sagging lids. But that does not mean you need to just deal with it. You can combat the signs of aging with a simple and long-lasting procedure like eyelid surgery.

You Just Look Tired All the Time

Due to the wrinkles and sags growing on your eyelids, you might have people asking you if you are tired. Or if you are feeling okay. Instead of looking sick every morning with bags under your eyes and sagging upper lids, you can make a change now and improve your aesthetic for the future. Upper Eyelid surgery can treat your unique symptoms and create a refreshed look that matches your excellent facial features.

Your Vision is Suffering

Anyone who gets dark or blurry spots in their vision is definitely going to worry. This can be caused by many things. But before you schedule a full examination with your eye doctor, you should visit your oculofacial specialist. You might be dealing with ptosis, a condition that occurs when your upper eyelid droops as a result of weak eyelid muscles. This can cause your eyelids to droop below your eyeball, obstructing part of your vision.

It is important to get in touch with your doctor right away if your eyelids are uneven, sagging, or just generally uncomfortable. The longer you go without treating the issue, the more likely it is that you will struggle with asymmetrical facial features and vision problems. Thankfully, we can employ special techniques to help you solve this problem and reach your aesthetic goals.

Non-Surgical Options Do Not Work For You

There are plenty of modern options to help you change and refresh your appearance without going under the knife. Certain dermal fillers and skin tightening treatments use injectables or lasers to make improvements to your skin. These treatments can work well for people who are looking for small or temporary changes.

That does not mean fillers work for everyone. If you have had a couple of non-surgical treatment sessions and have not had good results, you may need something more permanent. Eyelid surgery can help you lift severe sags and smooth out really visible wrinkles.

You Already Scheduled Your Consultation

You are a well-informed patient who has already done a lot of research about eyelid surgery. You already know that you want upper or lower eyelid surgery and you are wondering if you are the perfect candidate for this type of procedure. Naturally, the first step is to schedule a consultation. Your surgeon will speak with you and assess the treatment area to determine the best course of action.

Candidates for blepharoplasty are:

  • Struggling with loose, drooping, or hanging skin on the upper eyelids
  • Losing vision due to blockage of eyelid skin
  • Losing muscle mass in the eyelids, causing a sunken look
  • Having trouble getting rid of dark circles or eye bags with non-surgical treatments
  • Experiencing the signs of aging but are otherwise in good general health

You know what you need and our team is here to advocate for you. As long as you have reasonable expectations of the surgery and results, you can likely be a great candidate for eyelid surgery.

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