What Makes a Male Eyelid Attractive?

Eyelid surgery is designed to give you a younger, smoother, and more personalized look. No matter your age or gender, if you are in the market for stellar age-reduction techniques, blepharoplasty is an excellent option for you. Unfortunately, since most plastic surgery techniques are aimed at women, men are left wondering what makes a male eyelid attractive and whether or not this surgery will work for them.

Dr. Cutler Peck offers unique surgical options for men who are interested in masculinizing their facial features. With his help, you can maintain a sharp and straight-edged appearance that will have everyone guessing your age. Read more from our blepharoplasty specialist about what to expect from male eyelid surgery.

How Male Eyelid Surgery Works

If you are growing tired of the signs of aging that are plaguing your face, it may be time to take control of your changing appearance. Developing wrinkled and damaged skin takes a toll not only on your physical well-being but also on your mental health. You might not feel as confident as you once were when your eyelids were symmetrical and wrinkle-free. This exact insecurity can be rectified with male eyelid surgery! We can offer multiple procedures to help you regain the masculine shape of your eyes, no matter their shape, size, or skin damage.

What Makes a Male Eyelid Attractive?

There are a few key features that distinguish a male eyelid from a female eyelid, namely:

  • A strong and deep crease in the folds of the upper eyelids
  • Little to no fat buildup underneath the eyes, which makes the eyes appear bigger and younger
  • Sharper or more pronounced lines between the eyes and the lids

We use these characteristics as a foundation to map out your perfect eye shape. According to Anti-Age Magazine, male blepharoplasty is the most highly sought-after cosmetic procedure by men. The popularity of the procedure is due to the fact that the signs of aging appear most quickly around the eyes, resulting in even the slightest wrinkle becoming noticeable right away.

Your Male Eyelid Surgery Options

Put your trust in a well-known, board-certified eyelid surgery provider like Dr. Cutler Peck, who specializes in making beautiful faces. At our office, we offer a multitude of eyelid surgery treatments for you to choose from. Depending on the cosmetic problems you are attempting to fix, you may be a good candidate for one of the following procedures.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

We recommend lower eyelid surgery for those who have fat buildup under their eyes. Excess eye fat usually results in a puffy or sunken look, which can give others the false impression that you are unhealthy or ill. Our surgical procedure can restore the youthful quality to the sensitive areas of your lower lids. During the surgery, Dr. Cutler Peck will make a tiny incision in your lid to remove excess fat and pull the remaining skin together to tighten it.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Perhaps your cosmetic issues are more prominent on your upper lids. These delicate body parts do a substantial amount of work to keep your eyes protected, using small levator muscles to open and close your lids. As you age, these muscles grow tired and lose functionality. Eventually, they will be unable to lift your lids as well as they used to. Your lids will start to droop and may even obstruct your vision if you do not seek surgical intervention.

Signing Up for Male Eyelid Surgery

If you struggle with maintaining pleasing eyelid aesthetics, contact Dr. Cutler Peck to find out if you are a good candidate for male eyelid surgery. The first step in achieving aesthetic satisfaction is to sit down with the surgeon to discuss your concerns and goals. After we understand more about what you want to achieve from cosmetic surgery, we can assign you the correct procedure.

Realistically, anyone with drooping upper lids or fatty lower lids should sign up for this procedure. If you are in good health and choose to undertake the surgery, you will reap the long-lasting benefits of blepharoplasty.

Customized Treatments Available Now

Visit us online to learn more about Dr. Cutler Peck. After reading about the different types of eyelid surgery solutions we offer, we hope you feel more encouraged to sign up. You deserve to treat yourself with a procedure that will make you feel good both inside and out. Contact Dr. Cutler Peck today to make your eyelids more attractive and transform your inner and outer wellness!