Brow Lift Preparation Guide

A brow lift has the potential to give a patient’s appearance a major improvement. It works by tightening and beautifying the upper section of the face. It’s why it’s one of the more popular operations at our center for eyelid surgery in Idaho Falls. Like most serious surgeries, a brow lift takes a measure of preparation to engage in to reap the highest number of benefits. Below we have our brow lift preparation guide.

Brow Lift Preparation Guide

If you have plans to receive a brow lift, then take a look at this preparation guide that can help you adequately prepare for your upcoming operation.

Brow Lift Basics

During a brow lift, a physician lifts and tightens the upper skin of the forehead in order to create a more youthful visage in the upper area of the face and forehead.

A brow lift has the potential to seriously impact one’s appearance and emotional health through its positive benefits.

There are a few different ways in which a brow lift can be executed. The way that your own will go will have to do with a number of elements of your personal situation.

Receive a Medical Evaluation

Prior to your brow lift, you’ll receive a medical evaluation assessing your general fitness in terms of receiving medical treatment.

Generally speaking, most healthy patients have the potential to be approved for treatment. Tricky situations might arise if someone is suffering from major chronic health issues of some kind.

Certain elements, such as your medical history or history of operations, will also be taken into account for your operation. All in all, this is something that’s intended to help you have the most successful operation.

Adjust Your Medication Intake

You may be asked to adjust your medication intake depending on the types of daily intake you have.

This is because many prescription medications have the potential to interfere with the medical process. This is due to their influence on blood pressure and flow.

Due to the major impacts that this can have on one’s physiology, it’s best to be delicate with this process overall.

In addition, you may also be asked to begin taking certain medications depending on your specific medical situation.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can wreak havoc on many of the body’s systems. Because of this hazardous potential, there’s a very strong chance that you will be asked to cease smoking prior to your procedure.

On top of this, your physician may ask you to cease smoking for several weeks or even months prior to your operation. This is to allow the body’s physiology to adjust in time for your operation.

Subtle adjustments to one’s body chemistry have the potential to make major impacts on a patient’s overall physiology.

In addition to smoking cessation, there’s a possibility that you’ll be asked to adjust your intake of alcohol as well. Especially in the time period leading up to your procedure, the chance of alcohol interfering with some element of your procedure increases overall.

Adjust Your Intake of Over-the-Counter Medication

In addition to any prescription medications that you take, you may also be asked to adjust your intake of certain over-the-counter medications. This also includes herbal supplements and natural medications.

This is due to many of the same reasons that prescription medications might be limited. It is because of their potential to impact your overall physiology in preparation for your procedure.

In particular, even mild drugs such as aspirin have the potential to increase bruising and bleeding from a procedure.

Herbal supplements have the same potential. Discussing with your physician the details of your current regimen will give you a stronger idea of what may or may not need to be adjusted.

Determining Your Own Path Forward

Prior to your operation, you’ll have a consultation with your physician in order to create a plan to help max out your brow lift results and give you the most positive surgical experience possible.

Much of this will involve making a detailed medical profile of you and your personal needs regarding your procedure.

Your medical history and whatever medications you’re currently taking will be assessed.

Overall, this serves the purpose of giving your physician a more detailed portrait of you and your specific needs to adequately prepare for a high-quality brow lift.

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