Why Do I Have Permanent Dark Circles: Lasting Causes

Dark circles are an irritating and uncomely aesthetic feature that can lower one’s self esteem and appraisal in society. While not a medical problem, most people would rather do without them. Unfortunately, some people experience these bags to the point that they become chronic and semi-permanent. In these situations, it’s good to be able to identify the root causes of these bags. So let’s look at the question: why do I have permanent dark circles?

Why Do I Have Permanent Dark Circles: Lasting Causes

If you’re suffering from chronic under-eye bags, then take a look over this list of reasons that you might be experiencing these bags in a chronic sense.

What Are Dark Circles?

Dark circles are a visual expression of bursting capillaries under the eyes. These circles can influence you emotionally and psychologically, as well as influence your perception in society.

Lower eyelid surgery is one way to resolve these dark circles. In particular, lower eyelid surgery is one effective method for trying to improve the appearance of this portion of your face.

You’ll be able to discuss with your physician whether or not some form of eyelid surgery is appropriate for your own case of dark circles. Short of that, here are some common sources of this problem.

1. Lack of Sleep

It’s not difficult to understand why this would impact dark circles. There’s a good probability that you’ll wake up with this problem if you don’t get enough sleep. You’ll probably notice that the development of dark circles also grows chronic if this behavior persists.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this issue: obtain more restful sleep. That can be easier said than done, depending on who you are. If that’s the case, it might be wise for a person to speak with their doctor about how to handle this situation on a personal level.

2. Chronic Dehydration

Dehydration is also a likely culprit if you’re experiencing chronic dark circles. This is because skimping on water can give your skin a dampened and dull appearance.

You can counteract this and many other health problems by ensuring that you drink plenty of water on a consistent basis.

Dehydration comes from other sources as well, including excessive alcohol and tobacco use. Adjusting these habits may rapidly resolve your dark circles issue.

3. Excessive Eye Rubbing

Additionally, excessive eye rubbing might result in dark circles.

Because of how delicate the skin is around the eyes, persistent rubbing there may lead to lichenification, which thickens the skin.

Such a procedure usually results in thicker skin that contains more pigment, which can give the impression of dark circles.

4. Excessive Drinking and Smoking

Excessive drinking and smoking can also contribute to the formation of chronic dark circles. These vices contribute for a number of reasons, ranging from contributing to general dehydration to influencing blood pressure and flow.

You might be able to see an improvement in your own dark circles by cutting down on these habits.

5. Genetic Factors

Many people experience dark circles due to genetic predisposition to them. In this case, adjusting your lifestyle habits will actually have very little influence on your ability to get rid of them.

In this case, you likely will find that you will want to deal with dark circles directly through medical intervention.

6. Skin Conditions

There are a variety of skin conditions that can contribute to the formation of dark circles. This includes very common conditions such as eczema and contact dermatitis.

These conditions can be moody, and determining their exact source is difficult without long-term observation of some kind.

This is another case where you’ll find that you might have to resort to some type of procedure to address skin conditions in order to resolve the dark circles themselves.

7. Allergies

Allergies are another likely source of dark circles. Allergic reactions can induce drastic shifts in blood flow and pressure, as well as induce exhaustion and other things that induce dark circles.

Addressing your allergic reactions will usually help you with resolving your dark circle problems. Many over-the-counter medications can help you with resolving these problems.

8. Excessive Weight Loss

Losing or gaining weight too rapidly also has the potential to cause the formation of dark circles.

If you are to lose weight, try to do so in a gradual, measured manner.

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